William "
Billy" Jukes is the youngest member of Captain Hook's crew of pirates. He serves as the ship's gunner and blacksmith. In one episode he was also turned into a half boy, half oyster.

Voice Actor: Eugene Williams (English)


He is a short, dark skinned, young boy who is between 10 to 14 years old. He wears a pink bandana around his neck, a tattered blue vest and grungy looking pants. He has scruffy black hair; and his bangs seem to cover one side of his face. Some animation images have him slouching or looking like a slacker as well.




He's a joyful, jolly boy of the ship's crew and the youngest as well. He doesn't  fight dirty or lie like all good pirates do. Jukes seems to be the most open minded and reasonable one of Hook's crew. He's friends with Robert Mullins who treats him almost like a son. He has friendly rivalry with Slightly and the twins.

Billy has been shown on several occasions to have a knack for inventing thigs. Michael Darling


His history is unknown but in the episode Billy Jukes, Lost Boy he mentions that he was a castaway on a desert island before being taken on by the Jolly Roger.

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Billy has no toys modeled after him. There IS however a Bill Jukes figure in the 1991 Mattel toyline based on the live action movie featuring Robin Williams. These can be easily found on Ebay. However this figure has no relation to the animated incarnation other than being based on the same material.


  • Based off the novel's version of Bill Jukes. That Jukes was a silent, tattooed man. Fox made this Jukes into a boy from India who has a knack for pink bandanas and inventing things.
  • Is friends to three of the lost boys. Two of them share the same love for tinkering.