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Looks more like a hippo than a tiger cannon...


Billy: WTF is that... Why do I look badly animated?

Long Tom
is a cannon on the Jolly Roger. It's in the shape of a Tiger. Awesome!


It's a cannon... What else is there? Long Tom is meant to be a cannon in shape and colourings of a white tiger. However some episodes have it black or even gold! Could be the fault of lazy animators or they just don't give a damn.


I look plain...:(


It serves as the ship's main cannon. Billy Jukes is seen to be cleaning the cannon, being a lazy ass and sleeping on it or cramming cannon balls down its throat.


  • Billy's favourite thing in the whole wide universe!
  •  The name "Long Tom" could be a reference to the 155 mm Long Tom, which is a very badass-looking gun! It isn't a tiger though.
  • Long Tom's colour schemes seem to flux between episodes. This is an animation flub. Long Tom's colourings flux from being a white tiger cannon, a reverse tiger, a gold hippo tiger or a plain looking tiger.
  • Long Tom does not like Frosted Flakes, nor does he know Tony the Tiger.
  • He may know Tigatron, though.

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