Nag: Is that... Plug: Cobra Commander? Nag: No, it is Plug: Peter Pan?

The Can-Do Twins
are a mismatched pair of twins that are part of the Lost Boys.

Voice actors: Tall Twin: Aaron Lohr. Short Twin: Michael Bacall


The Twins are two lost boys who wear leopard skin caps and yellow t-shirts. The Tall twin is an African young boy with black hair and the short one is a caucasian boy with red hair.


They are the inventors and mechanics of the Lost Boys, often coming up with ingenious inventions to make living in their hideout more comfortable. They work best together as a team, as shown in the episode The Great Race. When they try to work apart from each other their inventions fall apart.

The twins often finish eachother's sentences and answer as one person.

At one point they form a "friendship" with Billy Jukes, the inventor for the pirates.


Not much is known about their history before coming to neverland. Because of their appearance, it is assumed that they showed up in neverland at the same time and were then dubbed twins by Peter. Sue The Fairy